By mending and altering an item we already own, we extend its life, therefore reducing unnecessary consumption of valuable resources. Consider the cost, not in dollars, but in time and energy, to make an item you so easily toss aside. Choose carefully that which you buy, and then treasure it. Mend it. Alter it to suit your needs. Extend its value and its life.


Baby quilt made by my mother for my daughter, well loved by her as a child, given a new binding and patches from extra fabric saved from the original backing
A thrifted sun bonnet sue quilt: I removed the ruffle and used the fabric to add a binding. Repaired some of the loose appliqué and embroidery around the ladies.


Ruffled cap sleeves removed; linen pockets and yo yos added to hide my meal prep stains on this thrift store sundress
Hand stitched patches on the inside of thinning jeans
More layers of patches, strictly functional, adding a quilted/padded feel to already comfy jeans
Vintage duofold
Needle turn appliquéd linen patches; stitched with vintage crochet thread
Another pair of Levis living the long life; thrifted linen jacket altered to wrap around and tie at the back

Other Home Goods

A pair of vintage linens get a second life after use as hand towels wears them down; stitched together as one layer and joined end to end to create a loop for the towel bar
Shopping tote made from vintage burlap bags; patched years later with heavy linen fabric and thread