I’m making artisan quilts from second hand garments and textiles, using fabrics already in the production stream, to satisfy my desire to create.

With the seemingly unlimited amount of discarded textiles available, I choose carefully. Linen is my first choice, but I’ve also added wool and silk- and even camel hair- to my quilts. I experiment with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures but select only those with natural fiber content.

I use wool batting because it creates the loft that makes a quilt worthy of snuggling and beautifully expresses the hand stitches- not to mention providing breathable warmth for use as a blanket. Although considered a specialty batting, I have found that dense quilting and careful washing will keep quilts performing beautifully over time.

My quilting style consists of traditional patterns and techniques while often incorporating a contemporary, improvisational aesthetic.

All of my quilts are machine pieced, often with the plan evolving as I work. They are thread basted by hand, and then hand quilted using traditional quilting frames with runners and stretchers.

Bindings or facings are attached by machine and finished by hand. Quilts available for purchase have been signed on the back in stitching, including the title and date completed.

My quilts are blankets with potential. They have depth and dimension beyond the pieced design!


Washable? Yes, when necessary. Cold water; gentle cycle & gentle soap; tumble dry low; remove promptly.

Wallhanging? All of my quilts move fluidly from bed to body to wall. I hand stitch a 4” sleeve of matching fabric to the full width on the quilt back, minus the bound edge. This can be used with a rod or dowel system, or a quilt hanger can be purchased separately.

Commissions? Yes. Please consider my style and process before inquiring. Requests are vetted for feasibility.

Time? From sourcing, cleaning, & dismantling second hand textiles, through the design and piecing of each quilt, to hand quilting and finishing- the process is lengthy and difficult to measure, and varies with each piece.