Show Booth Display

Pictures from my second show. Image

Getting great comments from people about the display. Not sure how to rearrange to get more people to enter the booth without losing display space.


Also thinking about adding a neutral string of sweater dreads along the front of the table. Not sure if it would detract from the focal point.


And, I definitely need to work on something better for my bags. I love the aesthetic of the old ladder, but people seem afraid to handle the bags. 

Learn as you go???? 

Purple Parrellogram

I am going to call this phenomenon the “parallelogram pull”- a result of working in a circular direction and expecting a rectangular result.



It still makes a wonderfully soft resting place for that large dish from the oven.Image


I think I need to get away from purple for a while.Image

Making More Mug Mats

Getting ready for my first show is a little stressful, I’ll admit. Image

Still busy finishing up the school year, teaching, but glad it’s winding down so that I have more time for my craft.Image

Nervous about showing my stuff for the first time in public. Repeat after self, “Relax. Enjoy it.”Image